Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Allen and Sandrea's Pre Wedding Photos

Lovebirds Allen and Sandrea met a couple of months years ago and have been steadily getting to know each other.  Allen decided he had found 'the one' in Sandrea and popped the question without delay.  Pretty vixen - Sandrea accepted wholeheartedly and they are jumping the broom shortly.  The couple had a 'together forever' pre wedding shoot in Abuja recently.  The shoot was by Ejike Manny and we just had to share these lovely pictures with you.  Enjoy!

P.S: Today is Allen's Birthday! Happy Birthday Handsome!! 

A fresh and new start

Allen says:

My dreams came true , the day I met you . I knew you were just the right rib, to fill my lost rib, you stood by me in all the hurdles and gave me hope that brought us here, words can't express what I feel about you.  All I have to say is: you are my world... I live to love you forever....

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

The future is bright

Soon to be 'Mrs A' 
Sandrea says
You are the most amazing person on the planet.  My best friend, my brother,the love of my life. I love you forever and everyday.  I stay devoted to you my king.  #Mr amazing #heart robber.

Oh my love...


Allen and Sandrea

Dont hate on us - we're tight like that :)

Look into my eyes....

I am looking forward to being with you forever....


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